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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2018

Our first topic is called 'Healthy Me!' We will be learning about how to look after our bodies by exercising and eating healthily. In 'Design and Technology', we will be designing, making and eating our own healthy pizzas! To help us to learn more, 'The Fun Food Chef' will visit us after the half term holiday! During art lessons, we will have fun making models of our faces out of salt dough and also fruit faces! In history, we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and how she helped to improve hospitals. A 'Florence Nightingale Workshop' will help us to understand what her life was like.

Giuseppe Arcrimboldo

In art, we learnt about the artist Giuseppe Arcrimboldo who was born in Italy in 1527. He painted people, but he used different fruit and vegetables to represent parts of their faces. We had a try at making our own fun faces! 


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Florence Nightingale Workshop

To celebrate the end of our history topic about Florence Nightingale, we took part in a drama workshop. It was great fun helping our visitor 'Florence Nightingale' to act out parts of her life. We have very much enjoyed this topic and we have learnt a lot.

Our Class Assembly

We celebrated the end of our first half term by sharing some of our work with family and friends at our class assembly. We all had a speaking part and Mrs Harris was very proud of us!

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Fun Food Chef

On 2nd November, the 'Fun Food Chef' visited Year 2 to help us learn how to make healthy pizzas. We made our own pizza dough and then we added the toppings. We also made fruit granolas and banana and strawberry smoothies. They tasted delicious! We also learnt more about healthy eating. We have designed our own healthy pizzas and we are looking forward to making them in class soon!

Design & Technology Pizza Making

We have been learning about how to make pizzas healthy. We tasted different toppings - olives were not popular! We then designed and made our own healthy pizzas. They were delicious!