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Meet our school council representatives

Meet our school council representatives 1

Action Plan 2016-2017





Establish an election process for school council in which candidates fill out nomination forms and prepare a speech to deliver to their class.




Greater responsibility and ownership for school council.

- Print nomination forms and give to each class in the juniors.

- Give chn time to prepare a speech (provide a writing frame)

- Set aside class assembly time for children to deliver their speeches.

- Celebrate successful candidates’ speeches by delivering again in whole school assembly.


Assign specific roles to children within the school council.

- Greater responsibility and ownership for school council.

- Responsibilities are shared

- Improved efficiency

Chair to prepare action plan for meetings.

Show secretary how to take minutes for each meeting.


Establish regular school council meetings

- Empower children to have a greater voice on school issues and decision making.

Aim to meet at least twice a half term to discuss any school issues raised by children and add to the action plan if suitable.


To create a list of action points the school council would like to address.

- Children have ownership over school decisions and direction.

- Display action plan on noticeboard and school website.


Prepare a presentation to Governor’s on the Action Plan for the Year ahead.

- Governors aware of work done by school council.

- Raise children’s awareness of the role of governors in our school.

- Give children time to prepare presentation.

- Arrange a meeting.



Prepare a presentation to pupils on the role of the school council and Action Plan for the Year ahead.

- Raise awareness of school council

- Encourage children to take an active role.

- Whole school assembly time.


Update the School Council noticeboard:

To include…

- photographs/names of council members

- info about school council

- suggestion box so that children can post their ideas.

- area for latest minutes to be displayed

- details of upcoming events and updates of school council achievements.

- Inform children of who the councillors are.

- Increase profile of school council and the work it is doing.

- Allow children to express their views and take an active role

Ask TA for help in putting up our display.

Print and laminate items for display.


Update minutes after meetings.


Check suggestion box at each meeting.


Christmas Jumper Day was a great success!

We raised £100.72 for St Ann's Hospice.

Well done everybody and thank you for your support.

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School Council Noticeboard

School Council Noticeboard 1

Recycling in Action!

Recycling in Action! 1 We recycle plastic milk bottles and lids
Recycling in Action! 2 We recycle paper and card

School council achievements

2016 - 2017

- Christmas jumper day raised £100.72 for St Ann's Hospice

- We continue to collect paper, card and milk bottles at the end of each day for recycling

- We now recycle milk bottle tops to raise money for charity too!

- School Council met with inspector for Quality mark to discuss the teaching and learning of basic skills at Cloverlea


2015 - 2016

- set up a whole school recycling and ensured bins were collected from around the school at the end of each day

- raised awareness of the need to look after our school environment through a poster competition and the introduction of litter picks 

- raised money for school funds by arranging activities to celebrate the Queen's birthday


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What is a School Council?


•A school council represents the views of all pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

•A school council helps to make changes and improvements, and tries to make the school a nicer placer for everyone.

Election Process


•At Cloverlea, every class in Key Stage 2 chooses two representatives to be members of the school council.

•Voting for council members takes place at the beginning of the school year.

•Before they are voted for, nominees have to give a speech to their class explaining why they want to be on the council.

What makes a good school councillor?


A School Councillor needs to be able to:

  • speak out
  • take their role seriously
  • put across good ideas
  • care for others
  • be a good role model who can be trusted
  • be reliable
  • keep to the subject
  • show enthusiasm

What will our school council do?


We will hold regular meetings to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. The Councillors will present the views of their classmates. They will provide feedback in a number of ways:

  • through the school website
  • in class discussions and assemblies
  • using the School Council noticeboard.

The school council also meet with the school governors to discuss their plans for the year ahead.


What could they change?


There are many projects and aspects of school life that the School Council could get involved with. Here are some examples:

  • Behaviour
  • Lunchtimes/Playtimes
  • Areas around school e.g. cloakrooms, toilets
  • Equipment for our playground
  • ICT equipment/suggest apps for iPads
  • School environment – Litter – Recycling
  • Raise money for charity
  • Improve our classrooms
  • Help to organise special events/competitions
  • Help shape our curriculum

How do pupils contribute their ideas?


If you would like to put your ideas forward to the school council:

• Speak to a school council representative.
• Post your ideas in the suggestion box which will soon be on the noticeboard or hand them to your class councillor.