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Spring Term

Spring Term 2018

Here are some of the topics that we will be covering during this busy term:

In Maths, we will revise many of the topics previously covered and also investigate surface area and volume in our shape work. We will learn how to multiply and divide fractions and also how to scale quantities in our work on ratio and proportion.

In English, the topics that we will be covering include stories with flash backs, newspaper reports, poetry and explanation texts.

In Science, our topics are Animals, including humans, and Light.

Our History work will include WWII and the battle of Britain and we will be getting a visit from the Blitz school in March.

In Art, we will look at WWII propaganda posters and we will create some of our own based on traditional designs.

RE work will include exploring the question of whether art and architecture are more/less/or equally as important as charity and giving.

In French, our accents are really improving and Gulay, our assistante, will continue to put us through our linguistic paces!