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WB: 23rd March 2020



Good Morning Year 2. Can you believe it is Friday already, what a wonderful week of sunshine we have seen this week. I have enjoyed spending time in the garden with Evie and Alfie. Today we have bought some new plants for planting, it made me think about all the seeds we planted at school. How are they getting on? I hope you are taking care of them. Evie and I have planted some strawberry seeds in the hope that we can grow our own strawberries. Here are you English and Maths activities for today. 


Take Care, stay safe, stay at home 


Mrs. Brogan



Good morning Year 2, how did you all get on with your spelling and times tables tests yesterday? 


Evie and Alfie have been keeping up with PE with Joe each morning to start off their school day, have you? Here is the pdf for today's English and Maths lessons. 


Take care 


Mrs. Brogan



Good morning Year 2


I hope you are all keeping well. Please see the pdf below which contains our English and Maths lessons for today.

As it is Wednesday, we usually have our spellings and timetables tests. Ask your grown ups to sit with you for this weeks test, please do use your red spelling and times table book which is in your homework folder. 


Enjoy your day smiley


Mrs Brogan



Title and the Date


Remember, every day you use your Home Learning book, please add the date and a title at the top, using a ruler to underline both. Take care with your handwriting and the use of capital letters.  



Yesterday, I asked you to design your own alien, drawing a picture and then writing a description using adjectives. Today we are going to use your work from yesterday to write our own poem.


Here is the beginning of our poem which you can copy out at the top of the next page in your home learning book;


Aliens are a funny bunch,

You won’t believe your eyes.

I’ll try to describe mine for you

If you would like me to try?


Now you can write the next four lines of the poem using your descriptions from yesterday. To help you out, you could begin each line with a number. Have a look at my example.


Finally, finish your poem with the line ‘Watch out humans!’


Epic! I’ve had a look at the children who have been using Epic! to read at home. You are doing a fantastic job! Well done and keep up the great work!



Yesterday, I asked you to go on a shape hunt to look for different items in your house and then complete a table. 

Today I would like you to sort these items based on their different properties.

You should consider the following headings for different tables; shape names, number of sides, number of vertices, symmetrical shapes. For example;

4 sides

3 sides




Cheese triangle





Non Symmetrical








Try to create as many different tables as you can, thinking of different ways to sort your shapes.


If you have any spare time today, why not have a look at 

There are some activities for KS1 towards the bottom of the page 

MONDAY 23rd MARCH 2020


Title and the Date


Each day you use your Home Learning book, please add the date and a title at the top, using a ruler to underline both. 

(you know how I enjoy writing out the date 30 times!)


Also, be careful with your capital letters. In particular 


b B d D


Last week in English we shared the book 'Aliens Love Underpants' (do you remember looking at the picture of Mr. Brogan dressed up for World Book Day wink). You should have also been able to read the book about Aliens using our login for Epic!

Today I would like you to design your own alien. Draw a picture of your alien in your home learning book and then, using different adjectives or similes, add descriptions of your alien.

Once you have completed this, write whole sentences describing your alien incorporating your descriptions. Don't forget to include capital letters and full stops, then where possible join the letters we have been looking at in class e.g. /th/, 



Last week in school we began looking at the names and properties of different 2D shapes. We talked about the names of the shapes we found in the classroom, the number of sides and vertices the shapes had and whether the shapes had any lines of symmetry. 

Today, I would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house and find as many polygons as you can. Then, using your home learning book I would like you to draw a table and complete it as follows;


Item Polygon Sides Vertices Line of Symmetry? Is it Symmetrical?
Mirror Rectangle 4 4 yes yes 


Key shapes to look for would include; triangle, rectangle, square, circle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon