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2nd half autumn term

The children had so much fun during chocolate week. Not only did they get the chance to meet all the different teachers in school, but they learnt so many new things too. The made an advent calendar with Mrs Harris, Aztec headdress with Mrs Wilde, melting monsters with Mrs Djennati and chocolate sparklers with Mrs Rickels. The children learnt about where the first cocoa bean was used and how it makes its way here to England. We can’t wait for our next themed week! 


Over the last two weeks the children have been learning all about Hibernation. We begun the week by sharing the story 'Don't Hog the Hedge', learning all about what hibernation means, why some animals do it and what they might need for their hibernation homes. The children have enjoyed finding out which animals hibernate and which animals do not. As a part of this, the children have been making hedgehogs using different materials and resources such as, art straws and paint, pasta and chocolate scented salt dough. Finally, to end our topic, the children have used different construction materials around the classroom to create hibernation homes, thinking about what the animals might need for their long winter sleep. 


This week Joel's Mummy brought some Bilibos into school for the children to take part in an imagination and movement session. Thank you Mrs. Kirkcaldy 


This week we have been learning all about the Hindu Festival of Light - Diwali. The children have designed symmetrical Rangoli  patterns, made Diva lamps using clay, made Diwali cards and created Firework biscuit to share as part of our Diwali party on Friday afternoon. As a part of our week, the children have also learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. 

Bonfire Night

This week the children have enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night and why it is celebrated. As a part of this the children have each made a rocket using junk modelling materials.