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Quady Fudge Chocolate Sundae

This is the most sublime summer sundae desert. Good for when you’re having a lazy day.



Chocolate ice-cream,


Jaffa Cake (cut into slices),

Chocolate Brownie (broken up),

Banana (cut in quarters),


Caramel sauce



  • First, put your Multiusers at the bottom of your sundae.

  • Secondly, slice up some banana and put it in the sundae glass. Then put some caramel sauce on top.

  • Thirdly, break up some Jaffa cakes and put them on the top of the banana.

  • Fourthly, add you’re broken up chocolate brownie bites. Make sure they are quite small.

  • Fifthly, add 3 scoops of ice-cream and then press it down. Then add two more scoops.

  • add your flake on top.Enjoy your Quady Fudge Chocolate sundae.


Ted Vickers


Fruity Chocolate Sundae

This is the no.1 summer sundae, especially for eating after a sunny day. Eat up!



  • Chocolate ice cream

  • Golden syrup

  • Two bars of crunchie (chopped into little bites)

  • Chopped malteasers (into two)

  • Sliced apple (thin slices)

  • Strawberries (into half)



  1. Firstly, you take your crunchie and dice it into little pieces. Put your crunchie bites into the sundae glass.

  2. Next, chop each malteaser into two and put it into your sundae glass. You might want to put a blob of golden syrup with that because it might get a bit dry.

  3. Then, put some thin apple slices into to your glass. At this point you might want to squash all you ingredients down so you can fit you other ingredients in.

  4. Fourthly dollop chocolate ice cream in to your glass. We would recommend 3 scoops. Put a layer of crunchies.

  5. 5 Finally, add as much golden syrup as you want to the top



Strawberry, Chocolate Skittles

This is the most fantastic sweet sundae ever. It is especially good for a birthday party or a holiday treat. Enjoy!



2 scoop of strawberry ice cream

1 scoop of Vanilla ice cream

1 scoop of chocolate ice cream


Strawberry sauce

Chopped shortbread

Melted chocolate




Firstly, put in the skittles and the melted chocolate into the sundae glass.

Secondly, take one big scoop of strawberry ice cream plonk it in.

Next, put your mouth-watering chocolate ice cream and make sure you press it down with your scoop.

Fourthly, before you add the strawberry sauce , put the marshmallows and shortbread in.


By Mya