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Cloverlea Primary School

Inspiring children to care, learn and achieve


Autumn 2

This half term will be packed with lots of interesting topics and here is a taste of some of them:

In English, we will be looking at Classic Fiction, in particular and old favourite, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson. We will compare the original version with the abridged version and use the novel to explore more grammar, spelling and punctuation.


In Maths, we will continue to explore multiplication and division, focusing on properties of numbers and also how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Nearer to Christmas, we will investigate Perimeter and Area of shapes.


Our History topic this half term is all about the Anglo Saxons and their invasion and settlement in Britain. this follows on nicely from the work on Romans that we die in Year 4. We will have the opportunity to design and make an Anglo Saxon style pouch, using our needlework skills.


Science this half term explores Properties of Materials and we will recap states of Matter as well as investigate what happens when we mix materials. We will devise an investigation to separate materials that have been mixed together.


Our Jigsaw work will focus on Celebrating Difference and we will incorporate work on anti-bullying. Look out for more photos of what we have been doing on this page.

Daily sport activities

In Year 5, we try to complete some physical activities every day which helps our physical and mental well being. Whether it's the Daily Mile or our ongoing personal challenges each day, Year 5 are certainly keeping strong!

Visit from Sale Sharks Community Team

Year 5 had a fantastic morning with representatives from Sale Sharks. We had a class based lesson on 'Find Your Brave' and then we went out on the field for tag rugby. All in all a super morning.

Autumn 1

Most of all, our time together in Year 5, particularly this half term, is aimed at settling back into our education and making sure that we feel safe, secure and welcomed. Much of our PHSE, Jigsaw and circle time will have a focus on our well being and the school values of caring, believing, learning and achieving.


This term in Year 5 we have lots to look forward to and here are some of the things that we will be learning about:


In English, we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we wrote about our own new Golden Ticket winners. We have been recapping how to punctuate dialogue and how to use it to show what the characters are like and also to advance the action in our narrative work. We will be exploring poetry that uses figurative language, with a particular focus on personification. Every week, we will be learning about aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation that can support our reading and writing work.


In Maths, we started with a focus on Place Value and the number system so that we were ready for our Year 5 work. Our other topics include addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and statistics. We will be following the White Rose scheme of work which emphasises a mastery approach and takes children through small steps of Maths to ensure that they get a really good understanding of the topics covered.


In Science, our topic is Earth and Space and we will find out about the Earth, Sun and Moon and learn about why we have night and day and how the planets move around in space.


In our Geography work, which links to our Science, we will be learning to read latitude and longitude coordinates and also finding out about biomes and time zones across the world.


Our Art work links to Science as well and involves Space art, including rocket pictures and space scapes in pastel.


Our RE work asks the question 'Why do people believe in God?' and we will be exploring this from a Christian and other world religions perspective.



Year 5 have had a lovely morning of art creating pastel space scapes.

The Daily Mile - an important part of our well being!

Take a look at our wonderful rocket pictures in the style of abstract artist Peter Thorpe

We wrote poems entitled 'If I were an astronaut' after listening to an astronaut reading a story from the International Space Station

World Mental Health Day - all dressed brightly to celebrate

We designed booklets to give to someone who was feeling unhappy with lots of ideas to cheer them up.

Cricket Skills with Francis from Cheshire Cricket Club