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Leaf Man goes where the wind blows...…..

We enjoyed reading Leaf Man then imagined where Leaf Man could be blown away to...maybe the park, maybe the forest, maybe Africa or maybe even space!

We enjoyed reading Pumpkin Soup especially when we had Duck, Cat and Squirrel pay us a visit to teach us all about being caring. We then found out about a lot of fruits from the Pumpkin family (they had funny names like Baby Boo, Buttercup, Butternut, Turban squash and Cucumber) then we made pumpkin soup which was delicious!
We went on an Autumn hunt and found nearly everything on our checklist; from squirrels to fungi and lots of different coloured leaves!
We have a lot of fun doing Dough Disco before our handwriting, it makes our fingers and hands strong and ready to work!

This term we have been trying to acheive all of our school values of believing, caring, learning and achieving. We have received certificates and enjoyed a Snack and Chat with Mr McConnell!


We've been making new friends and looking after children new to Cloverlea!