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Anglo-Saxon Brooches

It has been a busy week in the Year 5 classroom. To conclude our topic on the Anglo Saxons, pupils have been working with clay in order to make an Anglo Saxon brooch. They began by looking at examples of Anglo Saxon jewellery and then used this as a stimulus for their own designs. Although there are no photographs of the finished brooches (they will be coming soon) there are some photographs of the children enjoying their time bringing their Anglo Saxon Brooch designs to life. 

Year 5's Great Cloverlea Bake Off

This week (Monday 18th December) pupils in Year 5 had the tasty treat of judging the Great Cloverlea Bake Off between Harrison and Safa. As you can see from the photographs below, Safa baked, and made, a spectacular house, which was constructed from biscuits and other goodies, and Harrison made some delicious rocky road bars, filled with gooey marshmallows. All pupils in Year 5 had to give both contestants scores out of 10 for flavour and taste and Mrs Dent had to score pupils on the appearance of the bakes. 


It was a very close competition but in the end it was Safa who won the crown of star baker for this term by only 8 points. We would like to thank both Harrison and Safa for their efforts and we look forward to the next bake.

Following Instructions

As part of our English work this term the pupils in Year 5 have been focusing on instructions. As well as looking at different examples of instructions and talking about the features of this text type, pupils have had the opportunity to play card games and make an origami shirt and tie by following instructions. The children were encouraged to identify features in these instructions and evaluate them on the success in delivering its purpose. Here are some wonderful photographs showing the children enjoying decorating their origami shirts and ties they had made. 

Science Max

The children in Year 5 have and are learning about Materials. They have thoroughly enjoyed this topic so far and the experiments and investigations they have conducted. They have particularly enjoyed watching Science Max, who teaches the children Science through fun experiments, some of which they can do at home.


As a class we have made our own lava lamp using vegetable oil, ink and berroca tablets. Come back soon to look at the photographs and video of our lava lamp in action.

Hockey Coaching

This term, Year 5 have been focusing on hockey as part of their PE Curriculum. Our School is lucky to work with some great sports coaches. Every Wednesday, come wind, rain or shine, pupils enjoy their hockey coaching sessions and are really making good progress.  

Wellington School's Apprentice Challenge

The children in Year 5 have been to Wellington School to take part in the Apprentice Challenge. Working in teams they were encouraged to buy and sell products in order to make a profit. If you look at the photographs below you will see that this challenge is always a big success and one that is enjoyed by all Year 5 pupils. This year it was Team Wahoo that won with a whopping £12,000 profit.

Jodrell Bank

On Monday 16th October we went to Jodrell Bank to help us consolidate all the things we had been learning in our Science lessons on Space. The day started off with a red sun and a peculiar sky so straight away we had something to talk and learn about. As you will see from the photographs below, we had a great day. In the morning we went inside the planetarium and studied the night sky and then in the afternoon we had a Solar System workshop. This workshop allowed us to work as teams and explore aspects of space through experiments.

Maths (3D Shapes)

3D shapes has been a focus in class recently. As part of this work we have looked at the properties of 3D shapes and learnt about parallel and perpendicular lines. The best part of this unit of work was making models using unifix and then drawing these using special isometric dotted paper. I think you will be impressed with the work we have produced. We really enjoyed this work.

Aboriginal Art

As part of our World Art project this term, we have been looking at, and having a go at Aboriginal Art. We began by using I pads to research this focus. We looked at various examples of this type of art work. Using the dot technique, we created our own Aboriginal Art work. We will be posting these very soon but here is just a flavour of the work we have undertaken in class and what we have produced.

Changing Your Mindset

Pupils in Year 5 have been looking at mindset and how a change in mindset can have positive outcomes. This is a focus that will be continued throughout this year. It is our aim to integrate a positive mindset to all aspects of our life and work at school and at home. Here are some mindset mottos that we have created to display in the classroom.