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Autumn Term

This term we will be learning about hot and cold climates. We will be learning about where a meerkat lives (hot desert) and comparing it to where a penguin lives (cold desert). As we are learning about ourselves and different animals we will be looking at different animal groups and look at how animals live in different habitats and how they are adapted for the different climates that they come from.

Roald Dahl Week in Year 1.


As a class we have celebrating been Roald Dahl Week! In Year 1 we read Esio Trot and spent the week creating our own tortoises and learning how to look after a real pet tortoise. We even had a very special visitor- Hedwig! Hedwig is a Horsefeild tortoise, just like Alfie (the tortoise in Esio Trot).

The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge.

One of our favourite books from this term is 'The Lonely Beast'. This book is about a Beast that is lonely and wants to find other Beasts that are just like him but they are so rare that there is only one Beast in each country. He sets off on a very long journey to find other Beasts.


In our writing we described how the Beast felt and used adjectives to describe him. Some Year 1 children were lucky enough to see the Lonely Beast in our Nature Area!