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Autumn Term

This term we will be learning about hot and cold climates. We will be learning about where a meerkat lives (hot desert) and comparing it to where a polar bear lives (the Arctic). As we are learning about ourselves and different animals we will be looking at different animal groups and exploring how animals live in different habitats and how they are adapted for the different climates that they come from.


Meerkat Mail

We received a very interesting parcel addressed to Year 1. Inside was a meerkat called Sunny who brought us the book 'Meerkat Mail' to read! We then enjoyed building our own meerkat habitats and we also wrote our own postcards to Sunny. Next we wrote postcards from Sunny to describe what did during his visit to our class. He even visited the school kitchen and Mr. McConnell's office! We are looking forward to finding out more about meerkats and making our own non-fiction books.


Our topic is called 'Why Would a Meerkat not Live at the North Pole?' We have been busy learning about what it would be like to live in the Arctic and the Kalahari Desert. We talked about all the things which we have learnt about what it would be like to live there. Then we worked together in groups to make our own arctic and desert landscapes. Can you tell which is which?

World Mental Health Day

We really enjoyed wearing yellow because it makes us feel happy. We talked about what makes us happy and also what we can do if we or one of our friends are not feeling happy. We also made some lovely bunting!

'Amazing Animals'

In science we are learning how to identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We had a visit from Hattie the tortoise who helped us to learn about reptiles. 

On 5th November, 'Animals Take Over' came to visit. We learnt more about the different animal groups. We held a tree frog and a Leopard Gecko. We met a royal python called Wilfred who has 450 bones in his body! Some of us were very brave and let him hang around our neck! We also met a sugar glider, Ralph the rabbit and Sonic the hedgehog who are all mammals. Finally we were introduced to Woody the barn owl who is only 5 months old. We had great fun and learnt a lot of new information!


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'Prickly Hay'

Well done to everyone in Year 1 for taking part in our Christmas production. You sang and danced with great enthusiasm making everyone smile!