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Autumn Term

This term we are learning about Autumn and colours. We have made a great start so far by collecting conkers, leaves and acorns for our nature table and finding about out about the type of things that we can grow and eat in autumn. We're looking forward to seeing if the conker and the acorn that we planted will grow.  If you go on a walk and see any signs of autumn, please feel free to bring it in for our nature table.


We have been talking about how the leaves on deciduous trees change colour and fall to the ground. We have even painted and printed some leaves in their autumn colours and added them to the trees in our classroom so it looks like autumn.



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Our Journey So Far!


We have been busy making friends and getting to know each other so far in Nursery. We are enjoying learning through play and exploring our Nursery and making memories. 
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Making Apple Crumble-Yum!

We collected apples from are Nursery orchard and worked together to make apple crumble. The best bit was eating it at the end!

Our 'Tour of Cloverlea'

We have been learning about the Tour of Britain and some of us were lucky enough to see the cyclists cycling through Altrincham. We used our bikes to go on a tour of Cloverlea. We even designed our own cycling jersey's and made an art-piece out of some bicycle wheels. 


During our Harvest week of celebrations we planted onions, sang songs about scarecrows and combine harvesters, decorated chef hats and made vegetable soup together. We enjoyed learning about all the different vegetables that were growing in our nursery garden and read lots of stories about Harvest and vegetables. At the end of our Harvest week week made our pumpkins to take home.

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