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Autumn Term

Year 5 have designed and made some super Anglo Saxon houses

Trip to Wellington for the Apprentice Challenge


Year 5 went to Wellington School for the morning to take part in an apprentice challenge where they had to use their wits and team working skills to compete against each other.

New Zealand hockey coaches visit Year 5


In our hockey session this week, we were lucky to have two professional coaches from New Zealand to help to develop our skills.

Mixing materials science investigation


In our current topic of 'Properties and Changes of Materials', we worked in groups to investigate what happens when we mix a range of materials with water.

Anglo Saxon place names


Today, in Year 5, we looked at evidence of place names to find out about where Anglo Saxons settled in Britain.

Weekly Hockey with external coaches


Each week, Year 5 have hockey lessons with coaches where we practice our skills and compete against each other.

Anti Bullying week 


In anti bullying week we worked together in groups to create snakes and ladders games which incorporate the anti bullying theme and include ideas about what someone who is being bullied could do in that situation. 

Our class assembly showcased our work from autumn so far. 

We have made a great start to our Space Art topic. 

The Year 5 children worked very hard on their art using oil, chalk and soft pastels.