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Autumn Term

Our School Value Awards

Well done to all of our values winners this half term for demonstrating excellent behaviour and displaying our school values in all you do! 

Week of Inspirational Maths

In Year 6, we started the school year with a ‘Week of Inspirational Maths’. This resource is created by Jo Boaler, a leading researcher in mathematics education who focuses largely on developing mathematical mindsets in children. Her approach to teaching maths is based on seven positive classroom norms:

  1. Everyone can learn maths to the highest levels
  2. Mistakes are valuable
  3. Asking questions is really important
  4. Maths is about being creative and making sense of problems
  5. Maths is about making connections and communicating
  6. Maths is about learning and not performing
  7. Depth of learning is more important than speed


The lessons within the Week of Inspirational Maths provides children with tasks that include rich, open ended maths problems. They are described as ‘low floor, high ceiling’ tasks, meaning that they have many access points for all levels of learners and allow for multiple solutions and lots of higher level thinking.


We completed lots of problem solving activities, as well as learning that everyone can be good at maths with the right mindset and attitude. The week also reinforced the idea that mistakes help us to learn and so are valuable to make.

Jigsaw: Coronavirus Curriculum

We started the Autumn Term with our Jigsaw work which focused on returning to school after the school closures during the coronavirus pandemic. We had lots of in-depth discussions about how the recent changes had impacted on our lives, weighing up some of the positives and negatives of the situation. The lessons helped us with the return to school – something many of the children had concerns and anxieties over due to not being in the classroom for many months.


Have a look at some of our Haikus below (click on them to enlarge!) which we completed to express our thoughts and feelings about friendship, and especially the importance of friendship during lockdown.

The Daily Mile

We have been enjoying running our daily mile in Year 6, especially now we can do it on our new track around the beautiful, autumnal school field!

History: The Peterloo Massacre

Our history topic this half term is the Peterloo Massacre. We have been enjoying finding out what Manchester was like around the start of the 19th century, and deciding whether we would have liked to live here then… We've had lots of active research lessons!


We will be finding out exactly what happened on Monday 16th August 1819 as we continue with our history lessons this half term.

PE: Cricket

Our Year 6 Pupils have demonstrated a great attitude in their PE lessons over recent weeks. We have been developing our cricket skills and it has been wonderful to see such progression in pupils' skills since the start of term. Children are now much more confident and proficient at playing small games too! They’ve really enjoyed these sessions with Francis, the cricket coach, and we are looking forward to continuing them up until Christmas.


Still image for this video

Science - Living Things and Their Habitats

We have got stuck into our science topic and have been looking at classification in plants and animals. We discovered that there are many different ways to classify plants and animals - this means to group them based on similar characteristics.


First, we looked at the animal kingdom and how animals can be categorised: vertebrates and invertebrates, mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, crustaceans, molluscs and arachnids to name just a few! 


We then looked at differences between plants and investigated the plants on our school site. In small groups we found lots of examples of plants and had a go at creating a classification table for our discoveries.

Maths: Net Making

We have been working really hard in our maths lessons so far this term. One activity we have really enjoyed was drawing nets and using them to make 3D shapes - cubes and cuboids were pretty ok but the tetrahedrons and octahedrons were tricky!