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Autumn Term 2020

A visit from Florence Nightingale

This morning the children enjoyed a visit from Florence Nightingale. Together we learnt all about the key events in her life, including how she travelled to the Scutari Hospital, what she did when she got there and how she felt. Ask your children what they can remember from her visit. 

In Art, the children have been looking at self portraits. They have created 3D self portraits using salt dough. Can you see the resemblances? 

Healthy Me


In science this half term, the children are exploring the topic 'Healthy Me'. Together we have discussed the different things that help to keep us all fit and healthy. The children have discussed the following; drinking water, exercise, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, getting plenty of sleep and eating little amounts of sugar. 

P.E with Joe Brown

Florence Nightingale 


In history this half term, the children have been learning about Florence Nightingale. We began our topic by going on a fact hunt around the school grounds. The children enjoyed finding out the answers to the different questions. 

We moved on to look at the conditions of the hospital in Scutari and the changes that Florence made, helping the soldiers to recover from their injuries. 

More recently, the children have practiced their letter writing. They wrote a letter to Parthenope, Florence's sister, describing the conditions of the hospital and her journey to Scutari. 

Going on our Fact Hunt

Letters to Parthenope

This term the children will be able to participate in Show and Tell through photographs/information being sent into the school office only. Please do not send items into school with your child. 


Please see the letter above for your child's allocated time for Show and Tell


Photographs and information can be emailed to the school office