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Autumn Term

World's Worst Characters

We have been loving the characters that have been created by David Walliams in his World's Worst range of books. So much so, it has inspired us to create our own World's Worst Character. We think they are just as unique, nasty, disgusting, crazy, naughty, strange and terrible as the ones already created. Here are some of the characters we have created in our Class Anthology of The World's Worst Characters. 


Billy Bath       Grumpy Gracie        Burping Ben       Peter Pranky           Greedy Grace         Vomiting Vixen          Robbing Rob          Horrid Henry          Big-Headed Billy         Stompy Sid

Fat Sam           Wet William         Greedy Glyn         Big Head Bob        Icky Izzy

The Stone Age - Cave Paintings and Stone Henge

This term we have been learning about the Stone Age in our History lessons. Linking with this topic, we looked at cave paintings that have been discovered around the world and discussed how they had been created and with what tools and materials. We had a go at producing our own cave paintings using a select palette of colours (chalk). There will be more of our work coming very soon.


We also had a go at using chalks to create a back ground for our silhouettes of Stone Henge. We really enjoyed creating these pictures. Again, more of our work will be coming soon. 

Doodle Books

In Year 3 we have doodle books. When we get the chance we have the opportunity to create wonderful doodles. It is good reward when we have worked really hard in class and it is also good for our well being. Have a look at some of the wonderful doodles we have created.

Year 3 Doodle Gallery

Primary League Stars

Year 3 are having a great time each week in their PE lessons. They are learning and practising lots of skills that cover lots of sports. Here are some photographs taken from the lesson in which they were practising their dribbling skills and teamwork skills too. 

Cloverlea's Weekly Sport Challenges

Only One You (Well Being) 

We have found this wonderful book in Year 3 that teaches us some important sayings (words of wisdom) that we can carry with us;  taking them with us through our journey at Cloverlea and beyond. Over this term we will be creating a display in our classroom exploring how we can make our world a better place. Please come back soon to see photographs of our display and examples of our work. 

School Values

Look at all the wonderful children in Year 3 who are demonstrating the school values in their behaviour, attitude, actions and work at school. Keep it up.


Autumn Term 1