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Cloverlea Primary School

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Autumn Term


Reading books will be changed twice a week. Please make sure that you sign and return your child's reading book to school each Monday and Thursday to be changed. For further guidance, please see the guidance at the start of our class page.



Homework will be phased in gradually and set each Thursday via our ClassDojo. This will include spellings, new vocabulary and a practical Maths activity/game.

Spellings will be tested every Wednesday in school.



During the Autumn Term, our PE days will be Monday, Thursday and Fridays. Please don't forget to come to school wearing your PE kits on those days. 



We will be exploring a variety of different genres.

Phonics - during the first half term, we will be re-viewing learning from Reception before moving onto Phase 5 graphemes.


Maths - We use Maths No Problem following the National Curriculum enhancing this with active maths lessons. 


Art - This term we will be looking at 'formal elements of art' including colour mixing. 


D&T - This term we will be exploring moving mechanisms and making a moving story book. We then hope to move onto making simple puppets.


Geography - We will be learning about hot and cold climates. We will be learning about where a meerkat lives (hot desert) and comparing it to where a polar bear lives (the Arctic). 


Computing - We will start by looking at internet safety before moving on to learning about algorithms.


Religious Education - We will be learning about 'who is a Christian and what do they believe?'


Music - Trafford Music services follow a fun scheme called 'Charanga.' 


French - Gulay (our French language assistant) will teach a fun introduction to learning French each Friday. 


Science - We will be learning about different animal groups including humans! We also explore seasonal changes.


Jigsaw - Our puzzles (topics) are 'Being Me in My World' and Celebrating Difference'. 

Our First Days in Year 1!


We are learning about different animal groups. We enjoyed finding out about mammals. We found some pictures and information about wood mice. We had a special challenge to go outside and build a nest for a wood mouse to hibernate in during winter. We had to think about what it might eat and drink.


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We also enjoyed learning about reptiles. Mrs Wilde's tortoise Hedwig came to visit. We were able to watch it move and learn all about tortoises.


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Celebrating European Languages Day

We chose Italy. We made boarding passes and 'jumped on a flight'! We learnt about the famous places and we also learnt some Italian words as well as learning to count to 10. 

We learnt how the toppings of a Margarita Pizza - tomato(red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green) represent the colours of the national flag. We then made and ate our our Margarita Pizza. We also visited our own gelato shop!

We had a lovely day and enjoyed wearing our Italian hats!

Why Can't a Meerkat live in the Arctic?

We celebrated the end of our geography topic by working together in groups to make models of both the Arctic and the Kalahari Desert. We have learnt such a lot.

Animals Take Over

On 1st December, 'Animals Take Over' came to visit. We learnt more about the different animal groups. We held a tree frog, Leopard Gecko and a Bearded Dragon! We met a royal python called Wilfred who has 450 bones in his body! Some of us were very brave and let him hang around our neck! We also met two mice and Sonic the hedgehog who are all mammals. Finally we were introduced to Woody the barn owl. We had great fun and learnt a lot of new information!


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