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Rainbow Sweet Sundae

This is the most spectacular sundae you will have ever tasted. Perfect for a lazy summer day in your back-garden. Enjoy!



Smarties (coarsely chopped)

Vanilla ice-cream

Cadbury’s chocolate flake

2 crumbled up shortbread fingers

Rasberry’s (whole or chopped in half)

Toffee sauce

Chocolate ice-cream




First, take your bottle of toffee sauce and your sundae glass. Drizzle your toffee sauce inside the glass so that the bottom of your glass is covered. You can put as much as you want in.


Secondly, take half a handful of Smarties and half a handful of skittles. Drop them into the toffee sauce inside your sundae glass, so that there is an even number of both smarties and skittles.


Next, take your vanilla ice-cream and add two scoops. Softly, press down your ice-cream so that you can get all the remaining ingredients into the sundae glass.


Then, break up your shortbread fingers into tiny pieces and sprinkle them into your glass. Make sure that you have used up all of the shortbread.

Last but not least; put in another layer of toffee sauce and 1 scoop of chocolate ice-cream (you can use vanilla if you want to).


Finally, stick your flake into the ice-cream, and then place a couple of raspberries in the ice cream. Sprinkle some smarties and skittles on top of the ice-cream.


You are now finished. Enjoy your sundae.


By Abigail

Vanilla Strawberry Surprise

This is the best sundae ever. It is especially good for a hot day outside. It is mouth-watering and very tasty. Enjoy.



Vanilla 3 scoops of ice-cream

Chocolate sauce (on sides)

2choclate flakes

Whipped cream

Diced strawberries

Chopped bananas




Firstly, get your sundae glass. Put two scoops of vanilla ice- cream and push gently with the back of your spoon/teaspoon. Then place the chocolate sauce inside on top of the ice-cream.


Secondly, add some bananas to the sundae glass. Next, put some whipped cream on top of the ice- cream.


Thirdly, place gently the rest of the ice –cream and then with the back of your spoon push down. Then place some more whipped cream in the glass.


Last of all, place the flakes on the top and some strawberries. You can then put some minstrels on the top as well.


By Charlie  


Marshmallow and Shortbread Delight.

This is the most spectacular, world class sundae your mouth will ever taste. It is filled with 

Leibniz biscuit and marshmallows, perfect for a lazy day in bed.




·       Short bread

·       Chocolate sauce

·       Whipped cream

·       Vanilla ice-cream

·       Strawberries

·       Leibniz biscuits

·       Marshmallows

·       Sundae glass




Firstly, take your marshmallows and put a couple of handfuls in the bottom

of the sundae glass.


Secondly, put a couple of scoop full s of vanilla ice-cream and press lightly with the back of your spoon.


Thirdly, chop some strawberries and add them to your glass. Top with whipped cream.


After that, add some leizbin biscuit all crumbled up. Top with hot chocolate sauce.


Next, add some chopped strawberry`s and a stick of shortbread and pop it on the top.


All you need to do is enjoy your marshmallow and shortbread delight.        


By Daisy.