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New Digital Parenting Magazine Out Now 

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From educational apps to games, there’s now great technology available for younger kids. Stuart Dredge lists five of our favourites

Digital parenting is a great resource that helps parents understand and talk to young people about the benefits and the challenges of our digital world. Growing up has never been easy, but today the virtual world presents a whole set of new risks. Young people live in an always-on, social, digital and connected world, and it's the only world they've known. We marvel at technology, yet to them it is the norm. While the internet brings amazing opportunities for young people to learn, create and socialize, it is our duty as adults to help them navigate this online world safely. Young people must recognize that every click, every post, every purchase and every photo we upload online leaves a digital footprint.


It is important to begin these conversations at an early age-to help set boundaries together and provide a clear understanding of when they are safe to explore and roam online freely. We all need to work together to educate children about staying safe online.


These Digital Parenting magazines are a great publication and will be sent home as and when we receive them in school. You can also look at back copies of this magazine at


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