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The Yummy Crunch Sundae!

This is the most mouth-watering sundae you will taste in your lifetime. In fact, it’s so scrumptious you will never get bored of this delightful desert!


One wafer

No more than four scoops of ice cream. (vanilla)

A handful of strawberries.

Fresh whipped cream.

Mountain of milted chocolate.

Chopped Maryland cookies. (Crushed)


To make your ultimate yummy crunch sundae, the first step is to get some amazing choc chip Maryland cookies and let them slide in to the bottom of your glass.

Secondly, get hold of your fluffy whipped cream and spray the lovely whipped cream on top of your cookies. Fill about a quarter of the glass with it.

Then find your warmly milted chocolate (dark or milk) and add about the same amount you did with whipped cream.

After that, get five spoonful’s of Vanilla ice cream and let them sink into the chocolate and squash it down with the back of the spoon.

Next, get your whipped cream again and cover the ice cream so you cannot see it anymore. But don’t add too much.

Now get your fresh strawberries, chop them up, and then place them on the top of the rest of the sundae.

The last step is to add your wafer and enjoy! Yum!


By Abigail

Extreme crunchy vanilla sundae

This is the most killer crunchy vanilla sundae ever, it is especially great for eating in the summer. This is ideal for when you’re feeling lazy.



Vanilla ice-cream

Crunchy at the top

Whipped cream

Raspberry and chocolate saws

Short bread biscuits (chopped)



Firstly, put the (chopped) short bread biscuits at the bottom of your jar then push then in (carefully)

Secondly, poor (all of) your whipped cream on top of the short bread biscuits then swish it around 4 times.

Thirdly, carefully pour your vanilla ice-cream into your glass and spread it so it will not look messy

To make your sundae look beautiful put your raspberry saws on top of you vanilla ice-cream.

Place you’re crunchy on top of your ice-cream (be careful).

Now you can finally eat your world-class sundae ENJOY!

By  Sam

Chocolate, Marsbar and Strawberry Surprise

This heavenly sundae will bring joy to every dinner table .Its perfect for parties or dinner. It’s got the right amount of every ingredient in it.It is superb to eat and make.



6 Strawberries

Whipped Cream

Crushed up Jaffa Cakes

Chocolate Ice Cream

Melted White Chocolate

4 Mini Marsbars


Firstly, fill the bottom with whipped cream, use as much as you want depending on how big the glass is.If you are on a diet or you don’t like whipped cream you could use crème fresh instead.


Next, crush up Jaffa cakes. Use 2 or 3.Sprinkle it on top of the whipped cream to add flavour.


Then, add 2 scoops of milk chocolate ice cream, pushed down with a spoon so it fits in the glass. After that pours thick creamy melted white chocolate over the ice cream.


Put another layer of whipped cream over the melted chocolate and sprinkle minstrels on top to give it a good crunch that it will need.


Last but not least, put chopped in half strawberries around the edge of your glass .you could always put a full one in the middle to look nice .put 4 mini mars bars on each side.


Now all that’s left to do is eat it!

By: Hannah