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Cloverlea Primary School

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First half spring term

Yummy Pancakes

Chinese New Year 

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year with lots of fun and exciting activities. We started the week with a visit from Katie who brought two Chinese Dragons into school for us to see, she even let us have a turn dancing with the dragon. We read the Chinese story about the animals who had a race to decide which animal would be named after each year. We made Chinese Lanterns and Chinese Dragons and made Chinese New Year cards using the colours red and gold. We ended the week by tasting some different Chinese food and finally sat in an assembly with Mrs. Harris who talked to us about China and the celebrations that happen there. 

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Fortune Cookies

Balancing and Climbing 

Using the large apparatus

Investigating Ice
In class we have been making predictions about what will happen to ice when we leave it in different areas of the classroom. 

Ice Experiment

Looking at Symmetry 

Symmetrical Patterns