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French at Cloverlea



At Cloverlea Primary we believe that Modern Foreign Language plays a vital role within the curriculum and is subject that broaden the horizons of our pupils. Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. Our MFL curriculum promotes pupils’ curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world around them. It enables pupils to express their thoughts and ideas in another language and communicate these in both speech and in writing. We strive to embed the skills of listening, speaking reading and writing skills necessary to enable children to use and apply their learning in a variety of contexts and lay the foundations for future language learning. 



  • Curriculum - The MFL National Curriculum is planned for coverage in full within the KS2 school curriculum.  Our MFL curriculum is designed to progressively develop children skills in languages, through regular taught lessons. Children progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary. We follow the ‘The Catherine Cheater’ Scheme of work to ensure coverage and progression across school. Pupils in KS1 are introduced to French through a weekly book focus, in order to facilitate a strong and enthusiastic start to statutory language learning in KS2.  

  • Language - Children are encouraged and supported to develop their speaking and listening skills through conversational work, singing activities and games. As confidence and skills grows, children record their work through pictures, captions and sentences. Knowledge organisers are used to remind children of key vocabulary. Language may be revisited during the day through, instructions being given in French or answering the register.  

  • FLA - Our curriculum is taught by a foreign language assistant in conjunction with Dragonfly Consultancy 

  • Enrichment  - We liaise with the MFL lead at Wellington School to organise KS3 transition events. Enrichment provides opportunities for new experiences as well as nurturing and developing a thirst for learning a language and a culture. These experiences occur through events such as a ‘Languages Day’. 

  • Environment- Classroom and corridor displays 

  • Assessment- ‘I Can’ statements are present in French books and signed by teachers and pupils once an objective has been achieved.  We use our assessment tracker for summative assessment, to inform reporting arrangements to parents and to facilitate lesson planning and support.  

  • SEND/Disadvantaged – We strive to ensure that all pupils access the full MFL curriculum. These pupils will be supported to provide them with full accessibility to the knowledge-rich MFL curriculum. 



  • Children will know more, and remember more French vocabulary.  
  • Children will have the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing necessary to enable children to use and apply their French learning in a variety of contexts and lay the foundations for future language learning. 
  • As linguists children will learn lessons from MFL to influence the decisions they make in their lives and their understanding of different cultures.

MFL Policy