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Friday 11th September 2020

Homework Plan for Year 2


Date: Friday 11th September 2020


English - Phonics

This week the children have been looking at the sound /ai/ and the alternative spellings –ai, -ay, eigh, -ey, a-e, a and –ea. Please help your child to complete the attachment below, they should be able to recognise the different spellings within words as well as know how to use them within a sentence.



This week as a part of our SPaG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) sessions in class, we have been looking at the /j/ sound spelled –dge at the end of words. This spelling is used after the short vowel sound. Please see the attachment below for a list of spellings to learn this week. You could use some of your new spellings to write sentences focusing on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Write neatly, sitting your letters on the line and remember to check your letters are the correct way round.

The children will have a spelling test on Wednesday morning with their results coming home to you in their reading diary on Thursday.



This week in maths we have been counting in 10s and progressed onto counting in tens and ones. Please help your child to practice this skill as it will become important in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget to use your Times tables Rockstars login to support with your times tables. You have received this login from Mrs. Harris. Please contact me if you have misplaced this.



Please try to make sure that you bring your reading book to school every Monday and Thursday. Don’t forget to ask a grown-up to sign the yellow reading record so that we know when to change your book.

As the children will not be coming home with a library book for now, we will be having ‘library time’ on a Thursday afternoon. The children will have the opportunity to read a book from the class library.