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Friday 11th September 2020

Friday 11th September 2020


Welcome to Year 6!

Homework will be published electronically on this homework page every Friday. Please complete the activities given and self-mark them (or ask a parent to mark them) after you have finished. Answers will be published too to help you with this. Homework will be referenced to in class and completing it will aid your understanding with class work set. Please do not bring any completed homework into school.




You should be reading for at least 20 minutes per day, including weekends. Not only does reading improve concentration, develops imagination and teaches children about the world around them, reading develops children’s vocabulary and language skills. You can read with an adult or alone; however, you should try and spend several sessions per week reading with an adult so that you can discuss themes, responses and vocabulary within a book.



Homophones worksheet: copy out each of the sentences in your best handwriting, using the correct homophone of either there, their or they’re to fit within the gap in the sentence. Make sure you fully understand what each of these three words mean and when to use them.


Please spend time over the course of the week on Times Tables Rock Stars to ensure your times tables remain up to scratch. Accurate and efficient time table recall will help you massively in Year 6 with all aspects of maths.


Place value worksheets: complete the worksheet on rounding which we looked at today in class. Self-mark your answers once you have completed and ask a parent to go through any mistakes with you.

Additional Maths Homework

Below are some additional maths homework sheets for you to work through if you would like to extend your learning. These are all things we have looked at in class this week (place value) so will be good for you to check your understanding. If you were off school for any illness or self-isolation reasons this week, it would be worth you having a look at these additional sheets if/when you feel up to it to ensure you can complete the maths topics covered in school and to make sure you don’t have gaps in your learning due to missed work.