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Friday 17th April

Hi Everyone,


We have just finished week 4 of Home Learning and I have been most  impressed with the efforts that you have made and the way you are handling this time away from school. I have received lots of lovely messages and wonderful photographs this week of you tackling the tasks that I have set you and showing me just how you are passing your time with fun outdoor activities in your garden or during daily walks. It is amazing how all resilient we are and how we can find things to do when we need to find things to do. Oliver has been playing board games, Louie has been building bug hotels, Caitlin has been on a scavenger hunt, Owain has been reading books and telling jokes, some of you have been creating super words of encouragement posters, Jackson has been growing radishes and becoming a very successful gardener, James has been helping to tidy the garden and lots of you have been doing daily workouts with Joe Wicks. Well Done Year 3. I am so pleased that you are making the most of your time at home and looking after yourselves. 


This week I have been completing some school tasks at home. Yes, believe it or not, I still have jobs to do even though we are not in school. As you know I am the Computing and Music lead at Cloverlea so I have been completing some paper work related to these subjects. I have been also researching new songs and new online resources that we might use in school when we get back. If you haven't accessed the songs I have put on the Year 3 home learning page you might like to know that I have put a brand new song for you to learn with your family. It is called 'The Bonkers Song' and it has 3 parts. If you do attempt this song it would be really great if you could send a video of you and your family singing it. I know that you parents might be shy but try to get them onboard. Its just a bit of fun and hopefully when we get back to school you can teach it to the rest of the other classes.


So what are you doing this weekend? The weather is going to be good so I am planning for a BBQ on Sunday. I will also be taking Poppy on some nice walks with Karl (my husband). On Sunday I will be having my weekly chats (video) with members of my family, which I really look forward to. On Saturday I need to clean downstairs and tidy away some washing that I have done. I might do some baking at the weekend too. Not sure what I might bake but I will let you know. Have any of you been doing any baking?It is a great activity for you to do and is great fun. If you do some baking this week why not show me what you have baked. I will try not to drool too much!!


Whatever you do this weekend please stay safe. Enjoy the sunshine and the garden with your family.

Let us hope that this will soon be over and that we can get back to school. I am sure all of you are shooting up and I know that this time away will emphasise this when we get back.


Mrs Dent



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