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Friday 17th July 2020

Friday 17th July 2020

Happy Friday Year 6!


Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: escape room

For your maths work today, you have another escape room challenge! Solve the challenges linked below to give you a ten digit pin code which will allow you to escape… Make sure you put the clues in the correct order to provide your answer. If you think you’ve got the right pin code, tweet or email me and I can confirm if you have escaped or not!

Year 6 Challenges

Join in with the challenges I am setting the children in school! Today’s challenges are as follows…

  1. Throw a teabag from the furthest distance into a mug
  2. How far can a paper aeroplane you make fly?
  3. Take the most impressive perspective photograph (see my one and some other ideas below!)


I hope you all have a lovely weekend before your last week of home learning!


Miss Boden smiley