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Friday 1st May

Hi Year 3,


Apologies for not writing sooner but I have been very busy working on our school website, updating pages and moving information around from the old website to the new. It is very time consuming and has taken many of my hours at home this week. Hopefully you have had a good week of home learning and are finding the BBC Bitesize resources very good at supporting your English and Maths work. How are you all doing with the Chilli Challenges that I have set you focusing on the Stone Age? I have received some wonderful photographs of some of your work at home and I have put these on our Year 3 Home Learning page so that all of you can see what each other are doing whilst in lockdown. If you have any photographs of  your projects at home then please get your mums and dads to send them to me. It would be nice to see what all of you are up to whilst at home. 


If you follow Cloverlea on Twitter you will know that there is the opportunity to design a SuperBear that could grace our shelves this Christmas. All the proceeds (money) raised will go to the NHS in support of all their incredible work. You have to use the hashtag #DesignYourSuperBear by the 8th May. If you want further details about this then either go to our Twitter page or search John Lewis Feel Good Friday. Get designing Year 3. We have a class full of talented children who I know will do an excellent job at creating a SuperBear. 


Poppy is really enjoying me being at home and she has got into the habit of having a tiny bit of porridge in the morning for breakfast with her dried food. I have tried ignoring her when eating my breakfast but it is impossible. She jumps up and starts giving me her paw. She also cries and will not leave me alone until I give her a little bit. You can see who rules in my house. She is lovely, though, and our daily walks through the woods is something that I have really enjoyed, especially when the wildlife is so much more apparent. Today, for instance, I could hear so many different bird calls and songs that it was quite spectacular. 


Well it is the weekend and time for some fun time with your family. If you haven't completed the Family Lockdown Challenge then you could do this. I will be setting another challenge next week and, of course, I will be giving you the answers to the one completed this week so please don't let this opportunity go to waste.

Whatever you get up to this weekend I hope that you and your family have a good one. Enjoy your time together and, although, the weather is not as good as it has been, make the most of being outdoors when you can. Remember to keep smiling, keep working hard and to keep safe. 


Mrs Dent 




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