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Friday 27th March

Hi Year 3,


I hope that your first week of home learning has gone well and that you have found some time to have fun in the wonderful sunshine. It is now the weekend so time to have a break from the tasks and staring at the computer. Its time to get some fresh air in your garden and play with your brothers, sisters, pets or mum and dad.


I hope that you are all okay and that your family is safe and well. It seems longer than a week since I last saw most of you but that is all the time that has passed. As I have told you before, I have been kept busy with preparing work for you and completing tasks for school. I have particularly spent a lot of time on the website this week as it is my job to make sure it functions as it should. 


I have been checking up on your reading and it is pleasing to see some of you are reading lots and lots and lots of books. Joshua, in particular, has read many books. Which one is your favourite, Joshua?


Have you been singing at home. I have and I am not sure whether Poppy or Karl likes it but I do so that is all that matters. Being at home has allowed me to  start playing my piano, which I haven't played for a long time.  I am always too busy so it is quite nice to have the opportunity to sit down and play some of my favourite pieces of music.


Last night I showed my appreciation to the NHS, who are doing a fantastic job, by clapping on my street. Did you do the same? I was so moved by how many people took part. It was truly an amazing moment.


Well done for getting to the end of the week of home learning. I look forward to writing my next letter soon. I am in school next week supporting those parents who are key workers so I may not get round to writing many letters but I will do my best.


Together we will get through this Year 3. Keep Shining...Keep Smiling...Keep Safe


Mrs Dent