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Friday 29th May

Hi Year 3, 


What wonderful weather we have been having. This is obviously good news for all of us because it means we can make the most of being outdoors. How has your first week of your school holiday been (not doing home learning)? I have been doing some more decorating at home, washed the car, mowed the lawn and attended some online courses focusing on Music in primary school. I have also been preparing some activities for the key worker children for next week as I am in school again supporting them. I have been quite busy so I am looking forward to chilling out in the garden this weekend. 


Last week our blue tit chicks fledged (left their nest). It was really exciting to watch but also quite worrying as they are very small and cannot fly very well at first. Each day we see them in the garden and flying around the neighbouring gardens. They are getting stronger everyday. It is nice having birds nesting in the garden but now the box is empty. However, you never know they may have some more chicks before the end of the summer. 


I am hoping that you have done lots of wonderful things with your family this week. I would love to hear what you have been up to. I know that lots of you have bikes so I am sure you have been on them. How many of you have been using technology to contact your friends to stay in touch. I think this is really important because I know it can get a little bit boring at times because you are doing the same things everyday but if you can find some time to get in contact with your friends I think this is good for your well being. I think maybe you could even meet them on a park in the future as restrictions are beginning to be eased. 


Well I am off shopping for this weekend. We are planning lots of BBQs in the garden. Please enjoy your weekend and keep safe in all that you do.


Mrs Dent