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Friday 2nd October 2020

Spellings - Practice daily for Friday's (Oct 9th) spelling test. 

Reading - Read for 15 minutes per day and change books Mondays and Thursdays. You can change your book on Tuesday 6th October, as we are closed for an INSET on Monday 5th.

Maths - Choose your level of Chilli Challenge. The submarine at the sea level is the mildest and the submarine at the bottom of the sea bed is the spiciest. These videos may be helpful to recap this week's learning.

I have included a worksheet that recaps on key concepts from Y3 (Round to nearest 1, 10 and 100.) This is entirely optional. The relevant video can be accessed via the link above. 

Practice times tables daily. 

English - Next week, we celebrate World Space Week. Choose your level of Chilli Challenge from the reading comprehensions. 1 star is the mildest and 3 stars is the spiciest.


World Mental Health Day - Friday 9th October 2020

Please come to school wearing something yellow or bright. 

Y4 will be making a class joke book, so as a piece of additional homework, could the children please think about their favourite joke - or do some research if they don't currently have one? During the course of the week, we will spend time telling our jokes and produce our book on Friday. Watch out for the finished article on twitter. 

Here's one to get you started: 

Q: Why do penguins not live in Great Britain?

A: Because they're scared of Wales. smiley