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Friday 3rd April

Hi Everyone, 


Hope you have had a good week. As you might know, I have been in school this week. I have been creating a new banner for the school gate with help from pupils who attended. I have been playing table tennis with Mrs Perkin. I have taken pupils in the ICT suite to show them how to use Incredibox to create music. I have taken part in daily exercise sessions with Joe Wicks and lots more creative things.


I have really enjoyed learning about what some of you have been doing at home via your email messages and photographs. Thank you for sending them to me. Please don't stop as I am really missing you and like to hear your news. If you haven't sent me a message or photograph and you would like to please send it to the school email address. It will get to me. 


What are you doing this weekend? I am going to be planning your work for next week. I am going to be doing some cleaning and washing (boring). I am going to be doing some gardening, which I really enjoy and Poppy loves too. I am going to watch a film.  I am going to walk Poppy with Karl. I am going to do some baking and finally, the most exciting thing, which I am really looking forward to, I am going to have a BBQ on Sunday when the sun is planned to be shining. I cannot wait. 


Have a really good weekend with your family. Whatever you do, have fun and stay safe.

Look forward to hearing from some of you next week.


Take care


Mrs Dent