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Friday 9th October 2020


English: Poetry

This week in English the children have been looking at poetry. As a part of this, we have focussed on including interesting adjectives and verbs. For their homework this week, I have included a sheet for them to write a poem all about themselves. Try to encourage your child to include as many interesting adjectives (or even similes) as they can.

As a part of our whole class guided reading sessions at the end of the day, we have talked about comprehension and have looked at answering questions relating to the text we have read. Please ask your child relevant questions about what they are reading to support with this.



This week as a part of our SPaG sessions in class, we have been looking at the /n/ sound spelt with gn and kn at the beginning of words. Please see the attachment below for a list of spellings to learn this week.

You should use some of your new spellings to write sentences focussing on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. As we are now beginning to look at joining letters it is vitally important that you encourage your child to form their letters correctly.

The children will have a spelling test on Wednesday morning with their results coming home to you in their reading diary on Thursday.

Again, I have included some handwriting lines for your child to practice their letter formation. In class we have now looked at joining the following letters /ch/, /th/, /ai/, /ay/, /ir/ and /er/. Please help your child to join these letters correctly.



For maths this week, please head over to MyMaths and login with the details sent home in your child’s reading diary

Don’t forget to use your Times tables Rock stars login to support with your times tables. The children have had time in class again this week to use the iPads to support with this. Please make sure your child practices regularly as they will begin to have a weekly timetables test in addition to their spelling test.        



This Friday is World Mental Health Day and the children have enjoyed talking all things happy. Have a great weekend