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Home Learning

Keep Shining...Keep Smiling...Keep Safe

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Home Learning


This section of the school website has been dedicated to providing our parents with support with home learning, that will be taking place due to the closure of the school. It is our aim, during the planned school calendar, for teachers to provide work on a daily basis ( 1 x Maths and 1 x English). This will be accessible on the school website, in each Year Group's allocated section, by 10am each day. 


There will also be a Chilli Challenge sheet for each class, which outlines cross-curricular tasks and projects for the pupils to choose and engage in at home based on the topics they would have been focussing on in school. 


The children will be coming home with a Home Learning Book on Friday so that pupils can use these to complete their home learning tasks in. 


Online Resources

Epic Reading

There is Epic Reading which is an online reading resource for pupils. Each class teacher has set up an account for the class and you should have the logins for this. Your teachers will provide pupils with reading books that they would like them to read but they have a wealth of other reading material online which they can and should explore.


Note: Make sure you go to the student/educator section when logging in. If you are having problems login onto your child's account please let us know and we will do all we can to rectify this problem for you. 


Time Table Rock Stars / Numbots

Don't forget the children have online logins for Times Table Rockstars which will assist with the learning of their Time Tables. From here you can also access Numbots which is Maths based and tackles addition, subtraction and number bonds. 



'Jigsaw' are offering two free stories with activities.



This website has lots of activities such as movement, yoga, games and mindfulness activities which can be accessed free at home.


Let's get singing, Cloverlea


Little Belters

The founders of Little Belters, the Altrincham-based children's choir, have launched a new series of daily singing lessons to help parents keep their children entertained through the lockdown. As we know, singing is great for keeping spirits raised and for mental well being. So why not take advantage of these free singing sessions and get your family singing. In fact let's get Cloverlea singing. Click on the links below to access the singing lessons or watch live at 1:30pm.


Online Safety

Can we ask our parents to be vigilant during these times, especially with your children using technology on a daily basis for home learning. We are extremely confident that our pupils are aware of the dangers of the internet, how they should behave when using technology and know what they should do if they come across anything that is unsuitable on any website. We cover E-Safety each year at school and have regular updates throughout the year to ensure that our pupils are robust and safe. If you need any support with Online Safety and any issues that may arise during this time please see the following sites for support. 


Safer Internet

Digital Parenting

Coronavirus Social Story to help you to explain to your child what is happening.