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The Chocolate Strawberry Sundae


This is a sublime thing to make on a hot sunny day and good for guests.



Chocolate Brownies (broke into little pieces)


Chocolate Ice – cream

Strawberries (Chopped in half)

Chocolate sauce



Firstly, place chocolate sauce on the bottom of each sundae glass. Use a little of it or as much as you want.

Secondly, break some Brownies into smaller pieces and place them on top of the chocolate sauce.

Thirdly, get some chocolate Ice-cream but only one big scoop so that the strawberries fit on top. When you do that make shore you chop them in half.

Fourthly, put a another big scoop of Chocolate ice-cream and then place a couple of Smarties on the top.

After it should look delicious and it should taste great!


By Ellie

Golden Rainbow Delight

This incredible most delicious sundae will put a smile on your face for weeks, especially when you lie down on your sun lounger in the blazing sun.



A couple of skittles

A sprinkle of icing sugar

A multiple of strawberries

A handful of marshmallows

Ben and jerry’s chocolate ice cream

Chopped up Cadbury chocolate

3-4 spoons of golden syrup

Chocolate sauce



Firstly, bring out a glass for your sundae and place it on a desktop. Then bring out your golden syrup and pour 3-4 spoons into the bottom of the glass. After that put in as many Cadbury bites as you want in the syrup.

Secondly, put a lot of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate ice-cream and smooth it down. (I suggest 5-8 scoops.)Once you have done that sprinkle a handful of marshmallows or more.

Thirdly take out some strawberries and slice them in half. You also need to cut of the leafs on the top of the strawberries. After that place them on the top of the sundae.

Finally for some extra taste add some skittles, icing sugar and chocolate sauce. At last EAT IT!


By Sam

Chocolate and Vanilla Super Sundae

This is the most craziest, delicious sundae that you will ever taste in your life. You are sure to love it and it is guaranteed that you will make it again.



Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate ice cream

Vanilla ice cream

Galaxy smooth chocolate bar

Chocolate Sprinkles

4 strawberries (chopped in half)

2 Cadburys flakes



Whipped Cream

Digestive biscuit (crumbled)

Chocolate brownies (in bite size chunks)



1 To make this sundae, take the sundae glass and squirt a small amount of chocolate sauce in the bottom of the glass.

2 Then, take 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream and place it in the glass. Carefully push it down so that you can fit the other ingredients in.

3 Get a handful of popcorn and place it on top of the chocolate ice cream. By now you sundae should look delicious!

4 After that, get the marshmallows and put them on top of the popcorn.

5 Take some chocolate brownies that are chopped into bite size chunks. Put them in

6 Get a scoop of vanilla ice cream and place it in the glass. Sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles on top of the ice cream.

7 Crush a digestive biscuit and sprinkle the crumbs on top. Add a tiny bit of chocolate sauce.

8 Squirt whipped cream on top. Add chopped pieces of galaxy smooth chocolate bar

9 You have finally finished your amazing sundae. All you need to do is eat it!


By Bella