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June 15th

Hello Y4, 

Just a short one this week as I'm hoping to speak to a lot of you this morning. 

I do hope you're all well and are doing things that make you happy. I had a fabulous photo of Ava's home learning; she's created a fantastic goblin world shoe box. Check it out in the photos section. Fraser is now a minor celebrity in the science world thanks to his lovely video explanation of why water glasses make different sounds. 

I am very busy with school and home learning with my 3 boys. This week Henry had to write a set of instructions as part of his English work, so he researched a recipe for vanilla cupcakes. He then nagged infinitely until we 'tested out' the recipe by actually making them. He enjoyed the eating part the most. 

Last week, Josh enjoyed his first football training session since March. It's still not quite the same due to social distancing measures. There's no tackling involved but they're able to get together for a some skills and drills, so he's quite happy to have seen his footy team mates again. Oh, and he keeps waffling about the Premier League starting again...along with Mr McConnell, who's going to be unbearable once Liverpool actually are crowned champions. We watched a programme about Italia 90 (World Cup) last night and I have to say that after 12 weeks of no haircut, Mr Rickels is looking decidedly Chris Waddle-esque...ask you parents. He doesn't trust me to cut it though!

Sebastian's happily obsessed with Pokemon at the moment and keeps disappearing to his bedroom to act out battles/scenarios with his stash of toys. He's got a lovely imagination. 

I hope most of you can make the zoom chat. If not, have a lovely week and remember you can contact me at any time -

Love, Mrs Rickels x