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June 29th

Hello Y4, 

Hope you're all doing well. I am looking forward to seeing you during our Zoom chat - 10am on Monday 29th. Don't forget your pencil/pen and paper. 

Thank you for continuing to send me your work and news. Ella has written a wonderful story based on 'The Impossibly Possible Bookshop', took part in the National Writing Day Challenge and has also been enjoying the science chilli challenges. Noah has been awarded a Blue Peter badge for writing about his experiences in lockdown and Ethan M is a skateboarding pro thanks to a lot of practice. Well done to all 3 on your recent achievements. You can see their photos and videos in the Y4 At Home section. 

It's great to hear from you and learn about your news. I hope you're continuing to get lots of fresh air and exercise. Even next week, when the weather's looking a but iffy, please try to be as active as possible and not let lethargy set in. I know it's been a long time being away from friends and family but hopefully, now we're allowed to socialise a bit more, things are getting better. We're taking part in Trafford's Virtual Sports Day on Weds (1st July). The instructions and activities can be found here: If you're interested, you can complete the activities at any time next week - whenever there's a good spell of weather. 

We've had another very busy week of work/school and home school. The boys took part in a virtual cub/beavers camp in place of the one they were supposed to do at Dunham. They camped in the garden on Friday night and completed a list of activities, such as toasting marshmallows, cooking a meal, identifying bird calls and building a camp fire. They had a great night and didn't come back in to the house until 9am. Daddy camped outside with them, so I had a lovely, peaceful evening. 

Buddy is settling in nicely to his new home and after just a couple of days has found his feet. He was a bit shy for the first day, which is understandable. Now, he's quite happily charging about the house, nicking socks and generally being rather mischievous. 

It's the start of National Children's Art Week today - which actually goes on for 3 weeks. This week's theme is: The Natural World.' You can check out this free art lesson here: If you do have a go, please send me a picture of your work.

Have a great week Y4.

Love, Mrs Rickels x

Buddy Rickels

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