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Extreme crunchy vanilla sundae

This is the most killer crunchy vanilla sundae ever, it is especially great for eating in the summer. This is ideal for when you’re feeling lazy.



Vanilla ice-cream

Crunchy at the top

Whipped cream

Raspberry and chocolate saws

Short bread biscuits (chopped)



Firstly, put the (chopped) short bread biscuits at the bottom of your jar then push then in (carefully)

Secondly, poor (all of) your whipped cream on top of the short bread biscuits then swish it around 4 times.

Thirdly, carefully pour your vanilla ice-cream into your glass and spread it so it will not look messy

To make your sundae look beautiful put your raspberry saws on top of you vanilla ice-cream.

Place you’re crunchy on top of your ice-cream (be careful).

Now you can finally eat your world-class sundae ENJOY!


By Sam

Strawberry Chocolate Crunchie Delight


This will be the most exquisite desert you will ever have. It is the most mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, ultra-supreme sundae. Ideal for eating in a hot summer’s day to cheer you and your family up.




Vanilla ice-cream

Caramel sauce

Broken up bits of chocolate digestives

Whipped cream (or for a healthier option crème fraiche.)


Chocolate brownies coarsely chopped

Crunchie chocolate bars




Firstly, take your caramel sauce and pour some of it into your glass. Wait until it becomes level at the bottom.


Secondly, take your digestives that are broken into pieces and sprinkle them into your caramel sauce.


Thirdly, take your scoop and scoop out some vanilla ice-cream. I recommend 2 scoops is just right, but you can use as many as you want. Level it out with the back of a spoon.


After that, take your whipped cream of crème fraiche and layer it above your ice-cream. If you want to layer it out, do so with the back of your spoon.


Then, take your coarsely chopped chocolate brownies and sprinkle them above your whipped cream/ crème fraiche. Also add some non-chopped strawberries in between your brownies.


To finish of your sundae, add some Crunchie bars next to your brownies. I put 2 on mine, but you can have as many as you want.


You have now completed your sundae! Enjoy eating it in a hot summer’s day!


By Muhammad

Double Decker chocolate sundae


Jump into the most sublime chocolate sundae you will ever eat this world class sundae is amazing. If you’re on a diet turn to another page. It is great after a spectacular dinner full of strawberries and raspberries.



One chocolate flake (cabries)

Raspberries and strawberries

Oreo, crumbled into smaller pieces

Golden syrup

Mars bar (bits crumbled)

Tub of vanilla ice-cream

Whip cream (crème fresh healthier option)

Marsh mellow no bigger than half a centimetre (5mm)




  • To start our delicious sundaes grab as many glasses you need and fill about 1/10 of the glass with golden syrup.

  • Crumble your mars bar into small pieces (your choice of size) and sprinkle it inside then place down to scoops of vanilla ice-cream and push down with back of scoop.

  • Thirdly, add whip cream (your choice of how much ) but remember crème fresh is a healthy option to, then add vanilla ice-cream and push down with back of spoon again.

  • Fourthly, place your broken up Oreo on your ice cream then added little or as how much as you like of golden syrup

  • The add even more ice-cream and press down. Next add your final ingredients, strawberries and raspberries (if you want to add some more Oreo on top).All you need to do know is sit down and eat your spectacular sundae. Enjoy!

    By Nathan