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The Mighty Sundae

This is a mouth-watering and heavenly sundae. Your brain will burst of madness. Best for the beach.


1 pack of chocolate fudge

100ml of melted chocolate

Chocolate Ice-cream

20ml of caramel

60ml of white chocolate

Chocolate sauce

Whipped cream



  1. Firstly, slowly pour the melted white chocolate into your sundae glass. Gently, drop some chocolate fudge into your glass.

  2. Now, grab your melted milk chocolate, carefully, pour it into the glass.

  3. Next, pour caramel on top of the melted chocolate. Then, let the three liquids combine.

  4. Fourthly, add the chocolate ice cream and drizzle the chocolate sauce over it.

  5. Finally, squirt the whipped cream over the sundae and drop your cherry

  6. In the middle.


By Luke

Delicious Chocolate And Strawberry Sundae

This is the most spectacular, sublime chocolate and strawberry sundae. It is a mouth-wateringly delicious sundae treat. Hope you enjoy it!


5 scoops of chocolate ice-cream

Brownies (diced)

Crumbled choc-chip cookies

Handful of strawberries

Melted Cadbury chocolate

Cadbury twirl chocolate bar


  1. Firstly get your sundae glasses from your cupboard. Make sure you have got all your ingredients out on a table. Now get your melted chocolate and pour some into your sundae glass so it fills the bottom. Next, put a handful of chopped strawberries onto the melted chocolate. Lightly push the strawberries into the melted chocolate.


  2. Secondly, take as many cookies as you like and put them into a bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Get the crumbled cookies and sprinkle them on top of the strawberries.


  3. Thirdly, cut up the brownies into small cube shapes and place them on top of the cookies. Make sure you can’t see any cookies when you look from the top.


  4. Fourthly, take your flavoured ice-cream and then get 5 scoops of ice-cream. Press down on the ice-cream so it is pressing on the brownie.


  5. Finally, get your Cadbury’s twirl bar and chop it into long sticks, press the twirl bits into the ice-cream. You have finally finished your amazing sundae. Hope you enjoy it!


    By  Hannah

Soft, Smooth Ice Cream Sundae

This is the ice cream for you. It will make your taste buds dance whist you are on the beach.


  • Mango ice cream

  • Small marshmallow’s

  • Broken fudge bits

  • Chocolate sauce (of your choice)


To make the soft, smooth ice cream sundae, First take a sundae glass and put some broken fudge pieces in the bottom of the glass you can put as many as you want in there.

Next, squirt some chocolate sauce on the top of the broken fudge pieces and completely cover the bottom of the sundae glass.

Then, put a couple scoops of mango ice cream in the glass and push down firmly (it will make more space for other ingredients).

Finally, you’ll need some marshmallows and space them out. We’re done! Now you can enjoy a wonderful mango ice cream sundae.

By Christina