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May 11th

Hello Year 4, 

How are we all this week?

It was lovely to chat to some of you over the phone last week and catch up on some of your news. 

Did you enjoy the VE Day activities and celebrations? We did some lovely activities at school and Miss Bonney and Mrs Parsonage put on a delicious war-time spread for lunch - toad in the hole, scones and Victoria sponge cake. smiley

At home, we had fun making bunting and then enjoyed a socially distant street party. I know some of you were doing similar things to mark the special anniversary. The boys listened to Winston Churchill's VE Day speech as the BBC broadcast it on Friday afternoon and also joined in the two minute silence at 11am. 

Besides that, Josh has completed another cubs badge. This time he tried his hand at some DIY and designed and built an outdoor shoe rack to go on our porch. This is a great idea as it means that their trainers/astros/football boots can now stay outside and stop stinking out my house! 

Mr Rickels continues to baffle me with his new-found love of cooking. We've had tapas today. Everything homemade - chorizo in a lovely sauce, prawns in garlic, calamari, Spanish omelette, ham and cheese croquettes. It was immense...and I shall be cleaning up the devastation in the kitchen for months to come. He's a great cook, but VERY messy. 

Last week, I received the following notification from Epic: 1268 Books Finished, 165 Hours Read, 375 Videos Watched. That's fantastic Y4! Please keep up the fabulous work with reading and times tables. I have allocated you some new books and videos which will help you with the next Chilli Challenge and have added all the resources you will need to complete the activities, to our Home Learning page. This time it's all about Sound. As far as home learning is concerned, please do what you can but make sure you have plenty of time to relax, play and get some fresh air (parents too!).

Did you know that there are lots of theatre companies that are streaming their plays and musicals for free - or for a small donation. You can watch The Midnight Gang by David Walliams here: We haven't watched this yet but we did watch The Wind in the Willows musical a few weeks ago and that was very good.


I received the AMAZING video you made for me. I'm not sure what to say, other than a massive thank you. It's beautiful and it was really heart-warming to be able to see you all and your lovely smiley faces. I wasn't doing very well with not crying throughout and then the final picture of the penguins really set me off. crying I really do miss you and I'm sure there will indeed be lots to tell each other when we can see each other again. I will treasure the video forever. Thank you. 

One thing did you manage to get the cat to agree to wear glasses?? wink


Have a lovely week, Year 4. 

Lots of love, Mrs Rickels xx

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