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May 18th

Afternoon Year 4,

Sorry for the delay. Things are rather busy with Mr McConnell being on paternity leave!

How are you all?

We're all fine here. Super busy with home learning but also finding time to spend as a family. The boys have become quite fond of the family version of Trivial Pursuit, so we've played that a few times, although Sebastian tends to just chuck the cheeses everywhere. 

How are you finding the new chilli challenges on Sound? I've had a couple of lovely videos from Isabelle and Noah, so take a look at their work when you get a chance. This couple, in the youtube video, are really talented and make a living touring the world with their water glasses shows:

The boys and I took part in a Race at Your Own Pace challenge for the NHS and received these lovely medals in the post today. The boys ran a total of 90 kilometres in April, so they really earned their medals. All proceeds go to the NHS. 

Josh completed and varnished his shoe rack and posted a photo to his cubs leader so he can earn his DIY badge. It's really a rather professional job, I think. 

I hope you participate in and enjoy the Joy of Moving Festival at some point this week. I think we're going to complete the activities on Thursday. Please do share your photos with us. 

Did anyone watch the Eurovision Song Contest (that wasn't really a contest) on Saturday? You were probably more interested in BGT, like my boys. I got banished to a different room. You may not be aware of this, but...along with penguins...I'm slightly obsessed with Eurovision. Odd combination, I know! I knew it had been cancelled but was very excited to discover that there was still a 'best of' programme in its place. Some absolute tunes! The artists, who should've performed this year, performed a medley of this song:  This video cracks me up. In comparison to everyone else, the man from Georgia, just doesn't seem remotely bothered about being there! Originally, this (winning) song was performed by Katrina and the Waves and was the last time the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest in (ahem) 1997. I do remember it, but I was only a baby, honestly. wink I think the lyrics are really fitting for the current time. 

Hope to see you soon Y4 and hear from you sooner. 

love Mrs Rickels


P.S This week's tasty meal from Mr Rickels was steak and ale pie (homemade pastry) and chocolate cheescake. smiley

Professional Squatter

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