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May 4th

Morning Year 4, 

How are you this week?

Thanks to Fraser, Iris and Isabelle for sending in their news and photos, which are now on the class blog. 

Isabelle has finished the science challenge about tooth decay and wisely decided to conduct the experiment outside because of the smell! Fraser's been enjoying getting out on his scooter, feeding the ducks and doing lots of reading on Epic. He made a rain gauge, but there was very little water in it until recently! Iris has raised £85 for Greenpeace so far by making and selling beeswax wraps. I think she has run out of fabric now - and people to sell to!

We're all fine in the Rickels household. Alongside home learning, we've been keeping active. Lots of running, playing in the garden, walks, bike rides, Joe Wicks and some online stretch-n-grow classes for Sebastian.  

Last night, we won the weekly family quiz for the first time. This was mainly due to the final round of 'world flags' which Josh absolutely aced. I didn't know he had that knowledge, so I asked him where he'd learnt so much about world flags and he replied with a very succinct - 'Fifa.'

We've kept in touch with family and friends online and the boys continue to have zoom guitar lessons, which they enjoy. We've also had some fun completing Beavers and Cubs badges at home. So far, they've completed the book reader, cyclist, musician, chef and also managed to submit evidence for swimming, snowsports and hobbies badges. Is anyone completing these at home too?

Mr Rickels continues to surprise us with his blossoming culinary skills. This week, we've enjoyed a lamb roast dinner, homemade white chocolate cheesecake and homemade pizzas (dough made from scratch too). 

I am in school this week, so if anyone would like a chat, please let me know and I'll ring you. You can email the address to let me know. 

Take Care, 

Mrs Rickels


For any budding STEM enthusiasts 

On the 7 May STEM Ambassadors will be presenting a day of live streamed activities for schools and students at home. The day will include a series of half hour sessions from STEM Ambassadors covering a range of subjects across science, engineering, mathematicians and more. A Question and Answer forum will also run alongside each session, allowing students to engage their curiosity and dig further into the subject. Each presenter will bring a wealth of expertise from their work as a STEM professional, using activities already tried and tested in the classroom.


100 Challenge for Colonel Tom Moore's 100th Birthday

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100 jumping jacks, 100 laps of the garden and 100 Russian twists.