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This sundae will make go watery. There will be a surprise sat at the bottom. It will be full of delicious chocolates and a brilliant flavour.




Vanilla ice cream

Chocolate chips

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate brownies

Small sweets (of your choice)

Shortbread biscuits

Tiny marshmallows

Chocolate flake



To make a delicious choc choc skittle sundae, first take a sundae glass and place a handful of skittles into the bottom of your glass.


Secondly, get a small bowl and crumble in your brownies, small sweets, and shortbread biscuits. Then, tip them into your glass.


Thirdly, add a spoonful of chocolate sauce into the glass. (it doesn’t matter if it sinks to the bottom).


Fourthly, sprinkle half a handful of milk chocolate chips into your glass.


Next, get a Cadbury’s chocolate flake and place it on the top of your sundae glass.


Finally, put one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Get seven or eight raspberries and stick them on the top. Then your sundae is finished!



The Supreme Strawberry Sundae


This is the most tasty, creamy strawberry dessert you will ever taste. It is so mouth wateringly delicious, perfect for a lazy day in your onzie.



  • Strawberry ice-cream

  • Strawberry sauce

  • Madeira cake (broken into small pieces)

  • White chocolate cookies (crushed)

  • Mini marshmallows (pink and white)

  • Whipped cream

  • Fresh strawberry’s (sliced)



1. First, squirt your sweet strawberry sauce into the bottom of your glass.

2. Secondly, add your madeira cake pieces and on top of them place your crushed white chocolate cookies.

3. After that, grab a handful of your mini marshmallows and pour them into your glass.

4. Then, get two scoops of strawberry ice-cream and plonk them in your glass.

5. Now squirt in your whipped cream.

6. To finish your sundae off, drizzle some more strawberry sauce over your whipped cream and place your sliced strawberries on top.

7. Now all you have to do is eat it. Enjoy your Supreme Strawberry Sundae!


By Chloe

The Dreamy Chocolate Sundae

This is a world class chocolate madness sundae. Perfect to eat on boring, wet days sat on the sofa watching TV. Enjoy!


  1. Toffee Sauce
  2. Chocolate Ice –Cream
  3. Whipped Cream
  4. Raspberries (chopped in half)
  5. Minstrels




First, get a glass and place it on your desk. Then get some toffee sauce and put four table spoons drizzled around the glass.


Next, drop a few mini marshmallows to the bottom space them out however you like.


Then, get two scoops of chocolate ice-cream and press down hardly.


After that, sprinkle some raspberry’s (chopped in half) all over the ice-sauce.


Next, squirt the whipped cream all over the top of the raspberries.


Then, chop up the minstrels and sprinkle them all over the top.


Finally, chop up some minstrels and sprinkle them all over the top of your sundae.


Now find a seat on the sofa and put the TV on.