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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors' Section.

Constitution of the Governing Body


There are eleven members of the governing body. These eleven consist of the following posts:


  • The Headteacher
  • One LEA appointed governor (appointed by Trafford Local Education Authority)
  • One elected staff governor (elected by the school staff)
  • Two elected parent governors (elected by the parents)
  • Seven co-opted governors.


Note: Co-opted governors are governors who have been invited to join the governing body because they have a particular skill or talent which would be of use to helping the school to achieve its development plans.


The government, wishes to see a significant shift away from precise stakeholder representation (elected or appointed governors) towards a more skills-based model of governance (governors invited on because of their particular skills). One of the government's aims is to produce smaller governing bodies, which can now have as few a seven members.


Please see the table below for the current make up of the governing body.





Term Start

Term End



Co-opted governors





Mrs Sarah Brogan

12 Nov 2017

11 Nov 2021



Miss Claire Fisher

28 Nov 2016

27 Nov 2020



Mr Zee Hussain

October 2019

October 2023



Dr Kate McGrail

28 Nov 2018

27 Nov 2022



Mrs Beth Rickels

October 2019

October 2023



Mr James Spark

20 Jun 2018

19 Jun 2022













Mr Chris McConnell










Local Authority Governors





Cllr Mrs Jane Brophy

06 Mar 2019

05 Mar 2023








Parent governors





Mr Za Sykes

October 2019

October 2023



Mr Lee Williams

October 2019

October 2023








Staff governors





Miss Lauren Boden

October 2019

October 2023















Governor Photos
Now Co-opted Governor
Miss C Fisher - Co-opted Governor
Now Co-opted Governor
Co-opted Governor
Mr Z Hussain - Co-opted Governor