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Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission Statement

'Learning for Life'

We believe that the main purpose of our school is to equip our pupils with knowledge and skills in all areas of life (social as well as academic) in order for them to function well in society and to lead happy and productive lives. We seek to do this through developing our school through the values enshrined in our School Charter, which was formulated in consultation with staff and parents.

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The School Charter

Our school will strive to:

  • Help all children to realise their potential and achieve the highest possible standards of which they are capable.
  • Give strong moral guidance to create caring and responsible citizens.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle, positive self-esteem and emotional well-being.
  • Ensure equality of opportunity for all, whatever their race, gender, religion, disability or background.
  • Encourage flexibility of thought and action to prepare children for an ever changing world.
  • Promote an effective and open partnership between school, parents and the wider school community.


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