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Monday 23rd March 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hi Year 6!


What a strange Monday morning this is! I am missing the usual noisy rabble coming into the classroom at the start of the day and telling me all about what you’ve been up to at the weekend! I hope that you and your families are all safe and well, and that you have had fun this weekend despite being indoors much more than usual.


As some of you already know, I got the keys to my new house last Monday, so have been working hard this weekend stripping wallpaper in one of the bedrooms to get ready to decorate. It is keeping me busy inside while I can’t go outside as much as I normally do at the weekend!


Your Home Learning tasks will be uploaded to our Home Learning page every school day (not including planned school holidays) by 10am. Please do as much as you can, but I know learning at home is very different to learning at school. Make sure you have lots of breaks and try and find positives in the time you are spending at home - you’re unlikely to ever experience this again! You might want to make yourself a timetable to structure your day a little (I’ve done an example below, but consider what will work for you and your families).


Example timetable

7.30: wake up, relax, breakfast, get dressed, make the bed, read a book etc.

9.00: PE with Joe

9.45: begin Home Learning tasks

10.15: break time – get outdoors where possible and enjoy some fresh air!

10.45: continue Home Learning tasks

12.00: lunch time – eat a healthy lunch, relax, get outside again, help with making the lunch/cleaning up afterwards

13.00: quiet time – reading, puzzles

13.45: creative time, outdoor play

15.00: free TV time/electronics

16.00: family walk

17.00: tea time


Please also take time to play in the garden, do arts and crafts, learn how to cook and also help around the home. Many of your parents will be working from home so remember to try and be as independent as possible with your work in order to allow them to get on with their tasks too. It would be lovely to hear about what you’ve done - tweet me when you can as I’ll miss hearing all of your updates!


Your tasks for today are as follows…


PE: PE with Joe

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, is streaming free workouts aimed at children live on his YouTube channel every day at 9am! They last 30 minutes and you don’t need any equipment, just make sure you are wearing suitable clothing.


With schools closed and you spending more time indoors at home than usual, it’s so important to keep active. Doing activity like this will also release endorphins (chemicals in your brain) that help you to stay positive and feel happy. The link for Joe’s YouTube channel is below and don’t worry if you miss the live streaming – hopefully it will be available to do after this or you could choose another of the many videos he has on there.


If you do complete the workout, tweet us with your pictures as I’d love to see you joining in! #PEwithJoe

Maths: complete the shape mystery problem solving task.

As a warm up, spend 15 minutes whizzing thorough your times tables on TTRS or hit the button (see links below). You can choose whether to focus on a particular times table you need to work on, or whether to practise them all.


Then, use your multiplication fact knowledge to identify what each of the different shapes stands for in the shape mystery problem solving challenge I have linked below. This is a trial and error task, so have a go! You are unlikely to get the correct answer straight away, but please use the same perseverance I have seen you all use in class. You will be so proud of yourself when you have figured out the answers! When you think you know the answer, check each calculation just to make sure. Good luck!

English: spellings

Have a look at the spellings sheets I gave you for homework on Wednesday - I have added the links below just in case you have misplaced them. Ask a parent or older sibling to test you on the first set of words (the Year 3/4 spellings). If I were you, I would split them up into several smaller tests throughout the day rather than doing the whole lot in one go!


When you have been tested, you will then know which of these spellings you need to learn: you might have lots, you might have a few, or you might not have any. It really doesn’t matter – when I was at school, spelling was my biggest weakness. Choose up to 12 spellings you need to learn and work on these throughout the day. Ask a parent or sibling to test you later in the day or tomorrow, after you have worked on learning them and see if you have remembered how to spell these words. If you have more to learn then continue to work on these over future days.

Your topic tasks for this week…

Have a look at chilli challenge sheet I showed those of you who were in school last week which is on the previous page. The tasks to complete are based on our World War topic and they involve a variety of activities. During the week, have a go at completing at least three of these tasks. Some of you asked if you could complete them all and of course the answer is YES! I know at first no school might sound like heaven to a 10/11 year old, but, as time goes on, you are likely to get bored doing the same thing every day! Keep your minds active by learning. During your time so far in Year 6, you have all shown me you have a love of learning, so don’t stop learning just because you’re not in school. Learning can happen anywhere!

If you had any other questions related to the World War at the start of our topic, use this time to research and find out the answers for yourself. Alternatively, you might want to find out about something else you’ve always had an interest in!


Finally, maybe consider keeping a journal of your experiences at home during this time. This is a very rare event to happen and one day you might be telling future generations all about what you did!


I hope you are all ok and staying well.

Miss Boden J