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Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone,


Hope you are settling into the home learning routine. I am finding it extremely strange not teaching you but I am keeping busy by preparing your daily tasks and catching up on some computing and music work from home. Poppy is getting lots of attention from me which she rarely gets because I am at school so at least she is getting a good deal from this situation. 


Today I spent some time sitting outside and watching a black raven near my pond. It has never been seen before so I think I have probably made a new friend. I put out some food for it and it seemed to enjoy it a lot.


I thought I would make some easy chocolate cookies today so I thought I would suggest that you make some too, if you get the chance and if your parents allow you too. I found the recipe on the internet so if you follow this link you will find it. Happy cooking.


Mrs Dent

Poppy making the most of the sunshine and the attention