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Monday 29th June 2020

Monday 29th June 2020


Hello everyone, Happy Monday! I hope you have all had a lovely couple of days despite the weather being a bit grim! Where’s that lovely sunshine gone?! I braved Ikea yesterday and saw my sister which was lovely. Things are starting to feel a bit more ‘normal’ now aren’t they, with places opening up and being able to see more family and friends… Hopefully that all continues!


Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: ratio

Continue to spend about 10 minutes each day working on your times tables on TTRS or hit the button in order to keep them fluent and up to the speeds and accuracy we have worked so hard to achieve.

After that, use the link below to find today’s lesson on ratio. We looked at this in class a little bit, but were due to do more. Therefore this will ensure you know all you need to before secondary school. As usual, read through the instructions and watch the videos, and then complete the activities provided. The answers are linked at the bottom of the page for you to mark your work once you have finished.

English: writing clear instructions using parenthesis

For today’s English task, follow the link below to work through the exercises on using parenthesis to help you write clear instructions.

Well-being: listen to the fifth chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone read by Simon Callow, Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch


For today’s well-being activity, have a listen to the fifth chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone read by an ensemble of actors: Simon Callow, Bonnie Wright (who played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies) and Evanna Lynch (who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies). This chapter is where Harry Potter takes a magical shopping trip to Diagon Alley to get his supplies ready for school! You do have to sign up to the website, but ask a parent to help you if need be. It can be so relaxing listening to a story – I hope you enjoy!

If you fancy a challenge, have a go at the chapter challenges after you have listened to the fifth chapter being read.

French: days, months and time

Your additional lesson today is French. Follow the link below to recap the days and months in French, and how to tell the time. Then complete the quizzes and see if you can answer correctly. You all really impressed me with your level of French when I started at Cloverlea – I have not seen anywhere near that level spoken by children at any of the other primary schools I have worked at. Languages are tricky though because if you don’t use them, you lose them! Doing today’s French lesson will help you remember what you know already and keep your amazing standards up! 

Have a great day of home learning!

Miss Boden smiley