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Monday 4th May 2020

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning Year 6 and HAPPY STAR WARS DAY (that joke is especially for you Jack S!). I hope you have all had a good weekend and that you are staying healthy and well.


I am good and have had a relaxing weekend after the last few have been so full of packing, moving and cleaning! I went for a walk on Saturday afternoon and guess who I saw... Jack R! Great to see him out for a run and keeping fit and healthy during the lockdown – hope you are all doing the same in whatever way you want/are able to. My weekend was also brightened when I saw this video… Thank you girls for cheering me up and reminding me of how wonderful and talented you all are (not that I’d forgotten that of course!). I shared the video with the other staff yesterday morning and they all thought it was fabulous!

I am in school this week looking after key worker children, so will do some more phone calls home towards the end of the week for anyone who wants one – please email and let me know if you would like a phone call one day this week (it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday). I am also in contact with lots of your secondary schools and they have sent me emails asking for information about you all which I will be sorting out this week too.


Please remember to keep in touch via the school twitter page or by emailing me to show us what you are up to at home.  



Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: simplifying fractions

Continue to spend about 10 minutes each day working on your times tables on TTRS or hit the button in order to keep them fluent and up to the speeds and accuracy we have worked so hard to achieve.

After that, use the link below to find today’s lesson on simplifying fractions. Work through the activities and remember that sometimes, if you do not use the highest common factor to simplify a fraction, you can simplify it more than once – always check that your answer is a fraction in the simplest form and cannot be simplified any further. The answers are provided for you to self-mark once you have finished.



English: analysing setting descriptions

For today’s English task, follow the link below to work through the exercises on setting descriptions. Complete the super challenge after activity 2 – I’d love to see some of your setting descriptions once you have completed them! Ask a parent to send them to me via email if you’d like to share them.


Well-being: complete the daily mile

To keep your minds healthy and positive, I will also be providing you with a well-being activity to do daily. For today’s well-being activity, I’d like you to have a go at running the daily mile, like we do in school. There are two ways to do this, either run in your garden/local area for 15 minutes which should cover a mile when completing it at a slow jog, or use a map to find a mile route which you could run from your house as your daily exercise. Maybe you could persuade an adult to complete it with you…who is the better runner?!



Your topic tasks for this week…

Keep working on your science chilli challenges based on the heart and circulatory system from last week. I hope you are enjoying learning all about this new topic and that you are finding the human body as fascinating as I do! I’ve seen a lot of updates from the girls in Year 6 on their science learning so far, and it seems they are doing a lot more than the boys? Hope this isn’t the case boys! Make sure you are working as hard as the girls are!   


I hope you are all keeping busy at home to fight off the boredom and that you are all enjoying spending lots of time with your families. Stay safe and well.

Miss Boden smiley