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Reading Information Evening for Parents

 Thanks to all staff and parents who attended the Reading Information Evening for Parents on Thursday 21st November. The evening started with a general presentation on the teaching of reading given by Mrs Wilde (The school's Literacy Leader) in the hall. This was followed up by a series of phase-related workshops, run by the teachers in their classrooms, as follows,

  • Foundation Stage Workshop run by Mrs Brogan and Miss Faragher
  • Key Stage One Workshop (Years 1 and 2) run by Mrs Harris and Mrs Wilde
  • Lower Key Stage Two Workshop (Years 3 and 4) run by Miss Handy and Mrs Howitt
  • Upper Key Stage Two Workshop (Years 5 and 6) run by Mrs Dent and Mrs Djennati.


Each workshop looked at aspects of the teaching of reading at each age phase and each one was repeated four times, in the space of an hour, so that parents could attend all four workshops if they wished to do so.

The school was delighted at the turn-out (47 parents attended) and also at the very positive response from parents to the running of the event.

We received some generous comments, via e-mail the next morning.


"Thanks to all the teachers giving their time and their enthusiasm for our children, it is very much appreciated"

                                                                                                                            A parent with a child in the Nursery


" It feels nice to be involved in the children's learning and in the knowledge that the school encourages this parent, teacher, pupil relationship. It has also affirmed to me that the teachers we have at Cloverlea are dedicated to ensuring that each child reaches their full potential"

                            A parent with children in the junior classes.