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School League Table Success

I am very pleased to report that Cloverlea Primary School has been placed at the top of the Trafford Primary School League tables for 2014.

All of the children (100%) achieved Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing, and Maths (as well as in the new test of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) in the SATs (Standard Attainment Tests) taken by last year's Year 6 pupils in May 2014.

The number of children reaching the highest levels in these tests is also very impressive, as follows:

Reading - 84% of the children achieved Level 5+

Writing - 48% of the children achieved Level 5+

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation - 84% of the children achieved Level 5+

Maths - 81% of the children achieved Level 5+ (including 29% who achieved Level 6)

Note: In very approximate terms, children working at Level 5 are working, on average, two years ahead of age expectations. At Level 6 they are working, on average, four years ahead.

The children achieved at such a high level that Cloverlea appeared in the list of top primary schools in the country on the BBC News Web-Site (Education - Primary School League Tables - Best Results ). We were ranked as joint 73rd out of nearly 17,000 primary schools in England.

You can examine the Department of Education's league table site through the link on our school web-site 'Welcome' page.

Well done to eveyone involved - the governors, the staff, the parents and, of course, the pupils themselves.